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York Slide Cornet (Soprano Trombone) in Bb c.1920

This beautiful cornet (#67105) is a slightly younger brother to another York Slide Cornet #73126  I added to my collection several years ago.

It is somewhat unique as it was made in early 1920- just after the universal acceptance of  the Diapason Normal where A=440Hz  at the Treaty of Versailles in 1918 just after WWI.   Apparently York decided it would be prudent to add a high pitch tuning crook to cover all bases!

This cornet is plated in a brushed silver finish. The York logo and the inner bell are plated in gold giving this instrument a particularly striking appearance.  It takes a cornet mouthpiece.  Note that the "skirts" where the slide contacts the outer sleeve are made of copper.   It plays as beautifully as it looks.

I'm listing this horn as a cornet as this was the  intention of its makers.   If made in 17th & 18th centuries it would have been called a soprano trombone.