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King Altonium or "Hornium" in F  c.1975

This is not a an Euphonium, nor a Trombonium,  but what to call it?  It is an upright single French Horn in F. It takes a normal French Horn mouthpiece - hence my newly coined description as a "Hornium"!! A 1971 catalog of King middle brass however shows this horn as an F "Altonium" model 1147 (see below). Apparently this instrument was created during the period when various configurations of marching brass were being tested.  Its serial number of 766925.  Its dimensions are a 8.5" diameter bell and 20" height. It plays beautifully with a centered and mellow tone. It could be most useful for converting trumpeters and tenor hornists to play French horn parts in quintets and small brass ensembles!