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Informative Papers on Tribal Carpet Design

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Information Papers:

1. Carpet                   Identification

2. The Caucasians

3. Central Asia

4. Tribal Carpets of  Persia

5.  Bibliography
Phil's Carpet Gallery

Phil  bought his first tribal carpet in the souk in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1978. This was the start of his love affair with the  warmth and beauty of handknotted carpets. These rugs and carpets represent the personal art of the nomadic and village peoples of the remote tribal areas of Persia (Iran), the Caucasus mountains, Afghanistan, and the central Asian countries of the former USSR (Uzbeckistan, Turkmanistan, Kirgistan, Kazakstan, etc). These rustic peoples are mostly a-political and uninvolved in world events. 

The collection continued to grow - to more Than 250 carpets over 25 years living in places such as Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Oman and Thailand. Phil fully intended to use his personal collection as a basis for a small business when he retired in Florida in 1999. Unfortinately, a back injury has made it difficult for Phil to heave heavy rolls of carpets around.   So other than Phil's favorite and antique carpets now on his floor,  the collection is being sold at very low prices- often less than the original acquisition price!!

A narrative is provided for each carpet - describing the origin, design, size, estimated age, construction methods and condition of the carpet. It should be noted that the definition of the origin and age of a carpet is an inexact science at best .

You may wish to click on the Information Papers listed on the left menu bar for some interesting reading on the history of tribal carpet making, and the basics of carpet design. and methods of carpet identification.  A Carpet Sales section is provided, but offers on any carpet shown will be seriously considered!!

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