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Phil Holcomb was  born in upstate New York and raised on Long Island. He was an avid sailor and a tuba  player through high school and college.  He served in  the US Air Force for 10 years and subsequently spent some 25 years working overseas in the Middle East and Asia with the United Nations (see Phil's Bio for a history of his travels).

Phil's parents were serious antiquarians and collectors of early American and English antiques.  Apparently, Phil was also bitten by the "collector bug" and over the years amassed a goodly quantity of tribal oriental rugs, a  major collection of brass musical instruments and various antiques and odd relics,.

When Phil retired from the UN in 1999, and returned to the US he was suddenly faced with the very real problem of fitting all of these "treasures" into his home.  Therfore, wherever there is any room, a tribal carpet has been laid down, or an antique displayed. The brass musical instruments are arranged in a mini museum. However, as there is not enough floor and wall space to display everything - we created this "cyber museum" with "Galleries" to share our "neat stuff" with anyone who may be interested!!

For Oriental  Carpet Addicts:  click on Carpet Gallery
In the Carpet Gallery, we have included links to some  informative papers on tribal carpet design and identification.

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     To see a selection of Phil's Old and Odd brass horns, please visit the
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